Tuesday, April 2, 2013

...Waiting (Not So) Patiently

For Spring!!!!

Seriously!  When is it going to be here?!

Last week, Anne and I had a girls' day out with L to do some shopping.  I stocked up on some new spring essentials.  Our very successful shopping trip included me walking away with 3 maxi dresses (that the sales girl told me are very hot right now), 2 statement necklaces (also touted by said sales girl to be "on trend"), some sunglasses, a pair of shorts, a skirt, a few (okay, like 6) shirts, and a pair of cropped pants.  Success.  And...I discovered that I am consistently wearing a size smaller than my last shopping excursion this winter.  Yay!  At first, I totally thought it was vanity sizing, but 4 different stores don't lie.

Sometimes spring essentials include sausage, cheese and New Glarus beers.  Sometimes.
You know how it is when you get new clothes and they're all you want to wear?  Like right away?  Well, I wore the skirt the next day to celebrate a birthday with B's family.

What you can't see is that my children are asleep at this moment.
I'm the jerk mom that turned on the light to take a selfie.
What you can see is that I still have not cleaned the mirror.
I'm busy.  And I hate cleaning.
A few days later, we headed to California for a little spring vacay.  I got to wear a few of my new pieces.  See?

Pink shorts from Ann Taylor
Shirt from Banana Republic covered by an oldie-but-goodie Target cardigan
Sneakers because it's Disneyland and that's a lot of walking

Statement necklace from Loft, but you can't really see it
I just love this picture with my granola eating L

New maxi dress with Target cardigan
God I love Target cardigans
Hurry up spring!  I have more new things that I want to wear.  And I want to continue running outside.  That's right.  Continue.  Time has not slowed down, and this half marathon is looming 10 weeks in the future.  Looming.  Darkly.  Well, darkly when I have to train on the dread mill.  Today I ran outside.  It was cold and windy, and I don't love that, but it did feel good.  Really good.  

What are you looking forward to this spring?


  1. Oh yay, you wore the green skirt! It's so cute, I hope you get a lot of wear out of it. I'm really looking forward to wearing all my spring/summer stuff soon too - winter can't go away soon enough.

    And running in gross weather is going to pay off. Once it's nice out, it should be easier!

    1. I'm afraid people will be sick of seeing me in the green skirt. I just love it so much! And I have all sorts of fabulous green skirt outfit inspirations thanks to you. I broke out the cropped pants today. 50s is warm enough for that, right? Here's to hoping it's nice out Sunday morning to make that go easier!

  2. That outfit was great on you...I could really notice how much weight you have lost. You look great, you have been working your ass off...great job!