Wednesday, June 20, 2012

...Cooking for the First Family

The first family of Westchester, that is.

After a day spent at the pediatrician's office for L's 12 month (already?!) check-up, lunch with friends followed by a 93 degree trip to the park, and some time in the backyard baby pool, I could think of nothing better to do for my family than cook them a delicious, healthy(ish) dinner.  So, since it's blazing outside, the best meal I could think of involved turning on my oven and heating up the shoebox  house.

Because I had a box of lasagna noodles in the pantry, and said box was driving me crazy with how much space it takes up, I decided to make a crock pot lasagna recipe that I had made once before and liked.  It had fit my main meal criteria: easy, delicious, healthy enough to make me think I can stuff my face with it.  I turned to my dear friend, Pinterest, to get the recipe off of my "Eat It. Drink It. Love It." board, and it had been removed or taken down for inappropriate content.  Inappropriate?!  Lasagna?!  Never!  I thought the gods of Pinterest hated me.  But I persevered, determined to use those noodles and regain the corner space of the second shelf.  I googled "Turkey Lasagna", and got this recipe.  I thought, "If it's good enough for the first family, it's good enough for mine, darn it."

I made some changes because obviously I'm a better cook than the White House chef, and I even used basil from our garden, which H thought was pretty cool.  And I realized that we didn't have any shredded mozzarella, or any cheese that wasn't individually wrapped sticks for that matter, so I omitted that step altogether.  It was probably better for us anyway and still tasted delicious.  I think the Obamas would have liked it.  3 out of 4 members of my family did.  The other held another (almost record) sit in at the table, choosing to go to bed early rather than eat one bite of the turkey (which he actually loves).  I wonder where he gets that strong will?  That's another post.

I wish I had taken a picture because it really was quite beautiful.  And delicious.

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