Thursday, December 6, 2012

...4 Useful Limbs

This was not the post I was thinking of this morning when I took this picture.  I imagined coming home from work and incorporating this photo into a "Getting Dressed: Casual Thursday" kind of a post.  But I'm pretty stoked to not just be writing about what I wore to work today.
Striped top: Target, Chambray shirt: Old Navy,
Green skinnies: Limited, Boots: really old and I don't remember.
Note: There are no crutches featured in this photo!
That's right.  I'm back - all ambulatory again.  Like, I can use my arms independently from my legs.  I can carry things (like my favorite li'l lady).  Finally!  The last 400,000 nearly 4 weeks have been a little rough.  I'm not going to lie, for the first two weeks, I really didn't mind hanging out on the couch, as I was in a lot of pain and standing up at all was pretty painful and difficult.  But then it just got annoying.  Watching B do EVERYTHING around the house made me feel awful, as I just wanted to help.  I never thought I'd say that having someone wait on me would get old.

So...tonight I was able to actually make dinner for my family - something I haven't done in almost a month.  And it felt pretty good.  It helped that I had a sous chef this evening, too.

H sauteing the onions.
His first time using the stove.  Don't worry.  I was right there. 

H adding the cabbage while I stirred.
Working with H in the kitchen makes me even more excited for the fact that we just signed up for a CSA for the summer.  More about that later.  I think I'll walk around a bit.  Because I can.


  1. YAY!!!!! This is awesome!

    Also, what jumps out at me is that you're still in your work clothes while cooking dinner. Is it not normal to come home and almost immediately put on your pajamas? Because that's often what I do.

    1. Laziness. And being nervous about stairs. But mostly laziness.

    2. This makes sense. It's a pretty long walk into our East Wing for me to change, but it's worth the trip. But seriously, putting on my PJs is what I look forward to the most after work, especially in the winter.

  2. What Anne said. Why are you wearing real pants inside the house....I don't get it? But yay! You got legs!