Sunday, February 3, 2013

...A Getaway

I miss the weekend.  Already.  Technically it's still happening, being that it is Sunday night.  The Super Bowl is playing in the background.  The kids are in bed, and the beginning of the week chores are done enough.  But I already miss this weekend.  Ever have one of those that you never want to end?

This weekend we got away.  My wonderful parents came up and stayed with H and L so B and I could head to Michigan with some friends.  That's the key to getting away for me - knowing that H and L are being loved to death the entire time we're gone.

Our Shrek just turned 40, and his wife planned the ultimate surprise party:  a giant house, a hot tub, a pool table, a wine tour, a serious dance party, seemingly all the booze in Michigan, and 13 of his favorite people.  Well, they're 13 of my favorite people.

Some lovin' for the birthday boy

What's a weekend without a selfie or 7?

Just the girls Friday night

The pool.

Good food.  Good friends.
Our friends are the family we choose.  I couldn't feel more blessed than to have been chosen by this motley crew to share in each other's lives.


  1. Aw, I didn't realize you were going for a surprise party! That's so cool! Also, if anyone wants to do this for my 35th (since 40 is SO FAR AWAY), I think someone owes me a surprise after their 30th.


  2. I generally HATE a surprise, but would love this kind. It was all so easy and relaxing. It's still pretty hard to believe that we all managed to keep this from him for so long. You and K are the only ones I've ever known to pull off such good surprise parties.

    I'll make sure "someone" manages to at least shoot for a surprise. 35 is SO FAR AWAY, too, right?! That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

    1. Did you read my post about surprise parties, where I said that there have been several unsuccessful attempts to surprise me in the past? I want a real surprise, dammit! But since I obviously can't be fooled, just a weekend away with friends would do :) You know what I wouldn't see coming? A surprise 32nd birthday party!