Tuesday, November 20, 2012

...Getting Dressed - Parent/Teacher Conference Style

So many of my favorite bloggers (and besties) do Outfit of the Day posts, and I always think:

"I could never pull that off!"
(Ashli always looks cute - and check out her great recipes, too)

"What a great way to put those together!"
(Check out what Anne is doing with her green Boden skirt.  So stylish!)

And so on and so forth.

So I decided to try my very own OOTD post:  Getting Dressed.

Take 1: Parent-Teacher Conference style...

Top - LOFT, Pants - Limited, Shoes - Target,
Necklace - gift from Anne, Crutches - EMH ER
Next time I'll clean my room so I can use a mirror that doesn't have H's drawings taped to it.  Maybe.


  1. This actually seems like a perfect outfit for conferences - very put together with minimal, yet awesome accessories. I really need to copy those shoes. And I'm glad the necklace is getting some wear! I was bummed that it didn't work out with your new dress, but it seems good for non-wedding things too.

  2. I like your leopard flats and the silver crutch accents. Only you could make serious leg injuries look this good.