Tuesday, January 1, 2013

...Reflecting on 2012 - Self-Portrait Style

So I've got this friend, Anne.  She's one of the best ones I've got.  You can meet her here.  My B and her B have been friends forever.  Luckily for me, her B got her for me about 4 years ago.

Now we spend quite a bit of time together.  One of our favorite past times, it might seem, besides drinking wine and ending up on a kitchen floor in deep conversation is to grab a nearby camera and take a portrait of ourselves.

Here's just a few of them from 2012.

*Note:  I am including a few that were either photobombed by others or that we allowed others to grace our photos with their presence.  You may notice that a few photos are, in fact, being taken by someone else.  Sometimes we have beer or babies in our hands, making it difficult to take our own shots.

**Another note:  These are in no particular order, as that would have made this take even longer.

December - Not that I remember

July - A 16 mile bike ride in Colorado 

July - Rocky Mountain National Park

November - On Anne's Wedding Day
The ULTIMATE View of our selfie

November - You might remember seeing this in the photo above 

November - Getting ready for Anne's wedding

New Year's Eve - Our last shot of the year

July - Andrew Bird/Wilco Concert

July - Garden of the Gods
Technically a Draping shot, not a selfie, but still necessary

November - Sometime during Anne's rehearsal dinner

August - Anne's bachelorette party.  We didn't invite the dolphin, but we certainly didn't mind. 

March - Sola

December - Attempting to Bake

July - Andrew Bird/Wilco Concert
The aforementioned "our hands were full of beer" 

April - Hands full of baby

November - Anne's rehearsal - joined by the Maid and Matron of Honor 

August - Round Barn Winery - joined by Ashli

October? - Wedding shower

August - with Ashli again

July - Andrew Bird/Wilco Concert - Joined by our respective B's 
July - Garden of the Gods - Clearly, I was in a crevice and couldn't snap this shot  
November - The last selfie of Anne's wedding night
December - At Glenn's Diner with Colleen on New Year's Eve 

December - New Year's Eve - Our buddy was more interested in the train than the perfect shot
He's obviously not my child.

July - Rocky Mountain National Park
This gorgeous photo would not have worked had it been a selfie 

July - Garden of the Gods

October? - Lung Run with Amee

August - Bachelorette Party with Amanda

November - Rehearsal Dinner

And the amazing thing is...I don't think this is all of them.

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  1. This is probably the best blog post I've ever seen. And I'm totally unbiased on the subject matter. I think my favorites are the dolphin photo-crash, and the beer one from Wilco because of all the awesome things happening there.

    The shower and lung run were both September. I think it's odd that we didn't really have any pictures during the beginning of the year (though as I check, I just didn't take any of anything then), but I'm glad we could make up for it this summer/fall. Here's to another year of selfies!