Friday, March 8, 2013

...Finding Comfort in Style

It's hard getting dressed each day.  Whine.  As an elementary teacher, I think I spend about an hour of my day on the floor, and probably am crouched down next to a child's desk for almost as much time.  At least in 3rd grade, the chairs are almost big enough.  When I get dressed each morning, I look for something professional-ish looking that's comfortable and at least a little bit cute, while trying to be somewhat on trend.  The on-trend thing is a struggle for me.  I spent 3 of my 4 years in high school in some combination of khaki/cargo pants, long sleeve t-shirts, polo shirts, and hoodies - with the occasional pair of overalls thrown into the mix.  To be fair, I lived in rural Indiana, so it goes without saying that trendiness isn't really something that comes naturally to me.

Yesterday, Anne wrote about jumping on the Chambray wagon.  It's a wagon I've been riding for awhile.  There's something so "me" about a button-up shirt.  It fits most of my criteria right now:  professional-ish, comfortable (with a cami underneath to keep the girls under wraps in case a button pops), usually cute, and somewhat on trend.  I think?  I'm also obsessed with a cardigan. My co-workers bring this to my attention on a regular basis.  Do they think I don't know?

Here's what I wore to work yesterday and today (uber-casual Fridays, YAY!).  A whole lot of pattern clashing mixing going on here.  Is that something?  Like something people do?  Or am I just a complete disaster?  Note:I still am not proficient in the whole outfit post-style selfie.  I did get permission from H to take down his "scary bones monster picture" halfway, and obviously didn't clean the mirror before snapping this shot.  Baby steps.

Polka-dot chambray shirt - Old Navy last fall
Striped cardi - LOFT last spring
Gray pants - Limited last fall
Leopard flats - Target last fall
Necklace (can you even see it?) - gift from Anne
I took this shot and sent it to a complete stranger this morning, with no intention of blogging it.  Obviously, as my eyes appear closed.  I intended to ask Ashli if it was too  many stripes, but accidentally sent it to her really old cell number that has no business being in my phone.  I hope whoever has this number enjoyed it, but I'm a little disappointed that they didn't respond.  

Long sleeve stripes - Target forever ago
Short-sleeve striped sweater - LOFT last spring
Jeans - Express
Necklace - Tiffany (it's my favorite)
I wore shoes.  They were gray Chucks.  Barefoot and work don't go well together. 
Do you have a go-to look? 


  1. I like both of these. I really like all the stripes, that is one pattern I feel you can put with anything, it is pretty much a neutral. I think you have great style...especially since you ditched your hippie clogs. ;)

    1. Sometimes I miss those clogs, but know it's better to have loved and lost...

  2. Pattern mixing actually is a thing now, and not one I've really dabbled in, because I feel as though I can't pull it off. I really like the double stripes!

    I've just joined the button-down fan club in the last year or so. They didn't used to fit me very well, I guess I was oddly proportioned or something. And you like cardigans? I hadn't noticed :)