Saturday, January 5, 2013

...A Thank You Party

This morning, while eating breakfast, the kids were watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS.  Yep.  I'm that mom who lets them eat in front of the t.v. in the mornings when we don't have anywhere to be.  If you're not familiar with the show (because really, why would you be?), it is a cartoon based on the puppets from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.  The lessons are cute and the songs are catchy.  On today's episode, the characters were throwing a Thank-You Party, and each one was writing a thank you note to someone else.  Simple concept.  H and L were loving the music and eating oatmeal.  All around win.

Not this morning, but a fine example of breakfast during vacation.
Okay.  It's a fine example of breakfast pretty much every other day, too.
They've got to be occupied somehow while I get everyone ready to get out the door  by 7:30!

When the show was over, H said, "Mom.  I wish I could have a thank-you party."  So I started asking him who he would invite and why.  Here are a few of his responses:

Tyler - because he plays with me and teachded me how to do Wii.
Bethie - because of her crazy hair and she makes it fun to play Tangled and Eugene.
Quincy - because he plays with me and he already knows how to play Wii, too.
Emily - because she runs really fast with me in the house.
Ms. Colleen - because she makes me really good lunch.
     **The above are his babysitter and either her own children or those who go to her house.**

We let the subject drop and then he asked me "Mom?  Could you please ask me who else would come to my party?"  So I did.

Grana (my mom) - because she takes me to her library when I want to go there
Papa (my dad) - because he lets me get gumballs from his shop and he cuts my hair good
You guys and Leila - because I love my family.

Dear God.  I almost burst into tears.  At Christmas time I really struggled with all the "stuff" that comes with the holidays.  This kid's list of things he wanted was 4 miles long, and I really feared that he's turning into a materialistic monster.  Aside from the gumballs and lunch, none of the reasons he would have these people to his Thank You party had to do with "things," but rather with just spending time
with some of his favorite people.  I think he really gets it.  He's starting to understand what's really important.

Isn't it crazy when little moments like this make you think?  If I were throwing a Thank You party, who would I invite?  So I started a mental checklist.  And it's a long one.  A really long one.  There are a lot of really amazing people in my life.  People who encourage and support me, make me laugh, make me cry, make me appreciate who I am, who I have become, and who I still hope to be.  I count myself so lucky.  My kids are being raised in a community of friends that are really much more like their own giant (and sometimes slightly dysfunctional) family.   So to all of you who would be there, thank you!


  1. Aw, what a cool idea! See, a little Saturday morning TV is okay if you learn something and get to be thankful :)

    I kind of feel like our wedding was one big thank-you party, since it was pretty much everyone who has made a difference in my and Bob's lives. And I'd like to have a party where I could knock out all of those thank-you notes.

    1. I hear you. Why do thank you notes seem so cumbersome? I knocked out 23 to my students in one day (while teaching somewhat effectively) so as not to have to do them over winter break. But have I written a single one to anyone who gave my kids gifts for Christmas? Nope. It's not like I don't ever have down time. Like right now, for instance. And we are so grateful. Hmmm...

      Maybe I should have a party after each holiday/birthday to thank everyone for their generosity at the last event. It could be a vicious, but very fun, cycle.

    2. Well, you're welcome for not giving your kids gifts - saves you one note at least :)